Real Time Ultrasound

RTUS can be used for the purpose of muscle training as well as a diagnostic aide. Used externally on the skin the ultrasound displays an image of your muscles while you are activating them and this gives real and instant feedback about muscle control.

It is especially useful for training deep stabilising muscles like transversus abodominus and the pelvic floor muscles that make up the “core” stability of your body. It’s surprising how subtle the contraction needs to be and you may be completely unaware that you are in fact recruiting the wrong muscle patterns to move. In many cases we see over-recruitment of abdominal wall musculature which “fakes” stability, essentially wasting energy and possibly causing damage. These incorrect patterns are easily seen and retrained using RTUS feedback.

Real Time Ultrasound may be used for muscle retraining purposes only. It is not a diagnostic tool.