Musculoskeletal Injuries

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Musculoskeletal Injuries

Our physiotherapists take time to listen to your history and are committed to providing a professional and holistic approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your musculoskeletal and sports injuries. We are here to help you better understand how your body works so that you can learn to control your movement to perform better and prevent further injury.

We will ensure that you understand the process involved in your recovery so that you are actively involved, and thereby teach you how to prevent recurrence and stay fitter, healthier and active for longer.

We will help you solve the cause of your pain with treatment modalities such as manual therapy, soft tissue release, dry needling, taping, corrective exercise & functional strength programs, education and advice about posture, gait and your individual sport specific skills.

Whether your injury is as a result of activity (too much or too little), age related, as a result of trauma or you are simply wanting to be in your best condition to prevent injury occurring, our team are dedicated to providing you with evidenced based treatment techniques and education so that you will have all the tools you need for the best possible outcome.

Improve your understanding. Control your movement. Enhance your performance.” “Be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy” - Joseph Pilates “Change happens through movement. Movement Heals” - Joseph Pilates