Local Community Club Affiliates

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Local Community Club Affiliates

Mosman Physiotherapy works closely with Mosman Swans Junior AFL and Mosman Football Club to provide physiotherapy & onfield first aid services pre and post game to keep you on the pitch. Our clinic is conveniently located near Allan Border Oval for pre and post training and pre game strapping and post game acute injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. We have an urgent plastering service that not only ensures that your fracture can be stabilised and your pain reduced immediately, but can save you hours of waiting in public hospital emergency departments.

During the winter season we offer a Monday afternoon Acute Injury Clinic for quick assessment & triage of the weekend’s knocks and a dedicated Saturday morning pre-game clinic. These are typically short appointments for assessments/triage or loosen-ups/strapping, rather than regular consultations, and fees charged should be fully covered by your health fund. Please ensure you phone ahead to book a time for these consultations. Of course, standard length consultations are also available & your treating physio will advise if this is required.

At the time of booking please make it known to our reception staff that you are a current club member and ask us about your membership discounts.

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