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Physiotherapist-led Classes

Clinical Pilates Matwork

55 minute small group class (6 clients max) from beginner to advance, these classes will help you to ensure you are using the right muscle activation to achieve correct core recruitment. You will use small equipment such as therabands, sliders and fitballs to further challenge the concepts of stabilisation. Our physio’s pay particular attention to the specific control requirements of basic movement patterns to ensure safe, individualised and progressive exercises to improve function and prevent injury. Understanding how to control your movement will lead to better performance, whether that be to compete at an elite level competition, or simply gain more confidence and balance in the way you move every day.

Improve your understanding. Control your movement. Enhance your performance.” “Be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy” - Joseph Pilates “Change happens through movement. Movement Heals” - Joseph Pilates